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Tax auditing

Keeping an eye on company risks and taking countermeasures in good time.

Due to our well-coordinated and experienced team, we can offer you all auditing services at a high quality standard.
In addition, you benefit from our experience gained from many years of working for one of the “Big Four” auditing firms. Particularly noteworthy is our many years of experience in the field of international accounting (IFRS/IAS).
Our basic philosophy, consulting from a single source, makes it possible to use the findings from the annual audit for you without friction losses between different consultants. This can be done through tax optimisation, comprehensive business management advice, staff training, etc.

Christian Anheuser

Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Steuerberater | Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
/ Chartered Accountant | Tax consultant | Member of the Executive Board

+49 (69) 2972388-0

Thomas Schmitt

Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
/ Auditor | Member of the Executive Board

+49 (69) 2972388-0

Auditing services at a glance:

  • Annual audits Group audits
  • Audits in connection with the establishment, acquisition, sale and conversion of companies and shareholdings / due diligence audits
  • Special audits
  • Conversion of accounting to IAS/IFRS accounting principles
  • Risk management – (establishment and audit)
  • Internal audit
  • Economic advice on all accounting issues
  • Fiduciary services, e.g. taking over the administration of third-party assets, holding shares in companies, taking over supervisory board and advisory board mandates in companies, handling fiduciary assignments

Secure your success in the long term: our auditing services in Frankfurt support you in this process

Entrepreneurs who move with the time, recognise new opportunities, know how to weigh up the risks and have the necessary courage are usually rewarded. No company and very few products or services are so timeless, independent of the competition or offer such a unique selling proposition that the success of your business would be guaranteed for all time. The opposite is the case, because many companies literally sleep through digitalisation, react too late to relevant changes and thus risk failure.

At KRIEGER, we pursue an interdisciplinary approach, offer you a customised audit and examine precisely those areas that will matter later – with our expertise, foresight and experience, we make your company fit for the future. It is particularly important to us that we are there for you personally, which is why we offer our auditing services in Frankfurt, Berlin and Lampertheim near Mannheim.

What can you expect from our auditing services?

In principle, an audit can be regarded as a sub-segment of management consultancy, also known as “advisory” in professional circles. It involves putting your company’s strategy through its paces. We offer you an independent expert assessment and, by looking at things from a different perspective, we are able to sharpen your awareness of the things that make a company successful in the first place.

Our auditor analyses possible weaknesses and risks, fathoms the potential of your company and uncovers possible synergy effects that make you more efficient. In doing so, we not only draw on the long-standing expertise of our tax advisors and lawyers, but also combine the core competences of the individual specialist areas in a holistic interdisciplinary approach. With our auditing services, you get an eye for the essentials, can work out strategies for the future and come up with a concept on how to realise them and make them a success.

Krieger Rechtsanwälte & Steuerberater - Steuerberatung National
Krieger Rechtsanwälte & Steuerberater - Steuerberatung National

These sub-segments are covered by KRIEGER’s auditing services

We know from many years of practice that over the years a certain “operational blindness” often occurs. Decision-makers then tend to neglect, block or generally question necessary changes, adjustments or simply the continuation of decisions already made. Such a procedure holds immense dangers, because a company lives from changes, an adaptation to the requirements of the market, feedback from its target groups and much more. Our auditing services are designed to provide you with a fundamental basis for decision-making so that you can move towards the future in a strengthened position.

Areas that are covered by our auditing include:

  • Obtaining financing

Anyone who is growing, wants to reorganise or is embarking on a renewal has increased financial needs. We sound out the possible options with you.

  • Applying for funding

Subsidies are available from federal institutions, state-owned institutions or from certain subsidy funds of the European Union. Applying for funding is often worthwhile, but sometimes involves high hurdles – our auditors can help you overcome these hurdles.

  • Liquidity planning

The older a company gets, the more the constellations that determine its shareholders change. A liquidity plan gives you the necessary security, especially in the case of company takeovers or the integration of new blood.

  • Continuation forecasts

Companies in distress or facing insolvency need to act quickly. This often requires the consent of the creditors. A continuation forecast is based on the entire expertise of our firm and provides the necessary input for all parties involved.

  • Planning company succession

KRIEGER Wirtschaftsprüfung takes into account tax, legal and business aspects.

  • Implementing control systems

The larger and more complex a company is, the more difficult it is to keep all reins in hand. Our auditors advise on possible control systems that will ensure the company’s success in the future.

Rely on the professional expertise, many years of experience and the concentrated know-how of an interdisciplinary law firm such as KRIEGER to set the course for a successful future within the scope of an audit.

With our auditing services, we support you nationwide from our offices in Frankfurt am Main and Lampertheim.



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