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Spanish Desk: German-Spanish tax and legal advice Frankfurt

Advice on German-Spanish business relations by Spanish-speaking tax advisors

Thanks to modern commercial aviation, the flight time between the Spanish mainland and Germany is less than 3 hours. And yet, in some respects, business life in both countries is worlds apart – both in terms of the mentality of the business partners and in terms of the legal and tax framework.

In our Spain Desk with its tailor-made advisory approaches for small and medium-sized enterprises from Spain, we have combined our many years of experience with Spanish clients.

Christian Anheuser

Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Steuerberater
/ Chartered Accountant | Tax consultant

+49 (69) 2972388-0

Services of the Spanish Desk for activities of Spanish companies in Germany:

Foundation Phase

  • Opening of a representative office or branch
  • Establishment of a subsidiary in Germany
  • Registration with authorities/ Gestoria
  • Provision of a company address
  • Location search (via cooperation partners)
  • Advice on employee secondment, employment contracts
  • Translations (via cooperation partner)

Ongoing business activity in Germany

  • Support for ongoing business activities
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Advance turnover tax returns
  • Partial or complete takeover of back-office functions (outsourcing) in the area of financial accounting/wages and in the area of the personnel department
  • Provision and support of ERP system
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Reporting to the Spanish parent company (Spanish GAAP)
  • Transaction support

Liquidation Phase

    • Support during the liquidation of the business activity via our liquidation specialists from the legal and tax consultancy (KRIEGER Legal** and KRIEGER Tax*)

Services of the Spanish Desk for private individuals

  • Spanish-speaking tax advisor and team to prepare your income tax return in Germany
  • Processing of cross-border income tax issues together with our cooperation partner in Spain

We support our Spanish-speaking clients in their cross-border activities both in setting up their business activities in Germany and in the context of their already existing presence/activities in Germany (inbound consulting). Christian Anheuser is an experienced chartered accountant and tax consultant who speaks fluent Spanish, having lived and worked in Spain for some time himself. He regularly commutes between Spain and Germany and is therefore also available in Spain at any time. He and his team are available as contact persons for the Spanish-speaking clients of the firm. Our familiarity with both business cultures and the often underestimated differences in mentality enables us to bridge language barriers, convey content in an easily understandable way and contribute purposefully to the right decisions. We are a well-coordinated team and have Spanish-speaking tax advisors as well as additional Spanish-speaking staff. We provide our clients with 24-hour access to their data in our own virtual data room. We provide our Spanish clients with reliable and sustainable advice in every phase of their German activities, so that they can concentrate on their core competences. This is how we keep our clients’ backs free.

If you are looking for a tax advisor who speaks Spanish and is familiar with Spanish clients, Christian Anheuser, certified public accountant and tax advisor, and his Spanish-speaking team will be happy to assist you.

For German companies planning economic activities in Spain, for example the establishment of a subsidiary in Spain, we work closely with a cooperation partner in Spain. We will be happy to put you in touch with them. We also assist private individuals who need a Spanish-speaking tax advisor for their income tax return in Germany. In the case of cross-border income tax issues, such as real estate ownership in Spain, we also work with our cooperation partner in Spain.

We accompany you across borders: Services of our Spanish Desk in detail

In order not to leave you as our clients in the dark about our comprehensive range of services and to support you fully, you will find a more detailed elaboration of our services below:

  • Establishing a subsidiary in Germany
    Are you about to establish a subsidiary in Germany? Our lawyers at KRIEGER Legal** will support you in this regard, for example by advising you on the choice of legal form.


  • Registration with authorities/”Gestoria“
    In order to provide you with the best possible support during the start-up phase of your business, we will of course assist you with necessary tasks such as registering with the tax office, applying for a company number for social insurance, registering your business with the employers’ liability insurance association or offer you support in registering with the trade licensing office.


  • Advice on employee secondment, employment contracts
    As you can see from our integrated approach, we also work closely with the lawyers at KRIEGER Legal**. They will draw up employment contracts for your employees, for example.


  • Financial and payroll accounting
    As part of your ongoing business activities in Germany, we take care of your ongoing financial accounting as well as your payroll accounting. Particularly in the construction industry, monthly reports to the Soka-Bau are also possible.


  • Transaction support
    Within the scope of transaction support, the tax advisors of KRIEGER Tax*, who handle the tax and financial due diligence, work closely together with the lawyers of KRIEGER Legal**, who carry out the legal due diligence.
    We offer our services in the area of tax consultancy with a focus on German-Spanish business relations from our Frankfurt am Main office.

*KRIEGER Tax refers to the KRIEGER GmbH tax consulting company
**KRIEGER Legal refers to KRIEGER Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB



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