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National tax advice from Frankfurt

Act, don’t react

Our team of tax advisors in Frankfurt, Lampertheim and Berlin is available to provide you with comprehensive tax advice so that you can make the right decisions at the right time. Our range of tax consultancy services extends from day-to-day bookkeeping and assistance with tax audits to expert opinions on how to optimise your tax burden.

Alexander Krieger

Geschäftsführer | Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Steuerberater
/ Managing Director | Chartered Accountant | Tax Consultant

+49 (69) 2972388-0

Alexander Krieger

Geschäftsführer | Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Steuerberater
/ Managing Director | Chartered Accountant | Tax Consultant

+49 (69) 2972388-0

Tax consulting services at a glance:

  • Full-range tax advice for real estate
  • Group accounting HGB/IFRS
  • Preparation of tax returns and annual financial statements
  • International tax planning, optimisation and structuring
  • Support in the implementation of planning models
  • Advice on cross-border turnover tax issues
  • Tax advice/assistance with the purchase or sale of companies
  • Legal form change advice
  • Representation and advice during tax audits
  • Representation in extrajudicial and judicial appeal proceedings
  • Ongoing payroll accounting

Tax consulting in Frankfurt: comprehensive tax advice for you and your company

In tax matters, it is important to not leave anything behind and to take preventive action against possible risks. Only with the right partner at your side will you have the basis to make the right decisions at the right time. Our tax advisors in Frankfurt, Lampertheim and Berlin offer you tax advice that covers all relevant aspects and provides you with exactly the services you need: from ongoing bookkeeping (financial accounting) to professional support during tax audits and expert opinions as part of optimising your tax burden.

We offer you security precisely where you need to rely on external expertise, experience and know-how. Our tax advisors gear their actions to your individual needs and keep your back free so that you can focus on the essentials.

Excerpts from our range of services in tax consulting

Our tax consultancy firm is an interdisciplinary service provider with offices in Germany and Luxembourg. We started out with the maxim of offering you the greatest possible comfort – you can make use of our activities in the course of tax consultancy according to your needs. In order to give you an overview of the extent to which you can rely on KRIEGER, the following is an excerpt from our range of services in tax consultancy:

Comprehensive tax support for real estate
Whether buying or selling, renting, leasing or mortgaging – KRIEGER tax consultants provide you with exactly the figures, expert opinions and so on, you need for the management of your real estate. Due to our office in Luxembourg, we are also happy to advise you on the tax optimisation of your foreign real estate.

Group accounting according to HGB/IFRS
The requirements and regulations in national tax law are continually becoming more complex. KRIEGER tax consulting is your full-service provider for accounting in accordance with HGB or IFRS. Due to our firm you also have access not only to our tax advisors but also to the auditors in our firm.

Legal form conversion advice
The choice of legal form is the foundation for the sustainability of the future company. In particular, independent, well-founded expertise is required with regard to a sale, personal liability and questions concerning inheritance law. Our tax consultants advice on the change of legal form takes all relevant factors into account and gives you a precise overview of regulations, opportunities and risks as well as other aspects.

Preparation of tax returns and annual financial statements
As a businessman, you are obliged to keep proper records of all aspects of your business. You fulfil this legal obligation with the annual financial statement and various tax returns during the year. Our tax advisors in Frankfurt, Lampertheim and Berlin will take care of all the necessary steps for you and guide you safely through difficult terrain.

International tax planning, optimisation and structuring
You want to expand? With our tax consultants on your side, you do not take any additional risk. We advise you in accordance with all relevant regulations and laws in the course of your expansion abroad.

Digital tax audit and data analysis – better prevention than cure!

After the introduction of electronic transmission of tax returns and e-balances, the tax authorities have completely changed their auditing. Whereas in the past individual cases were audited on the basis of paper documents, plausibility checks are now carried out by means of a system-generated data analysis in order to filter out conspicuous deviations from comparable businesses and industry-specific reference rates.

On the basis of risk management, taxpayers are classified and checked according to different risk classes. In addition, the tax office has extensive access rights to their tax-relevant data. Do not be surprised by the arguments of the tax auditor, but take precautions at an early stage with our support!

Our services:

  • Tax and business data analysis – comprehensive or with focused audit fields
  • Identification of tax risks and accounting errors
  • Defence advice in the context of negotiations with the tax office

Would you have known …

that the tax audit regulations are not binding on taxpayers?
The tax audit regulations are purely administrative regulations whose provisions are only to be observed by the tax authorities. It stipulates, for example, that the businesses to be audited are classified in certain size categories. A distinction is made between large, medium, small and micro enterprises. This size class determines the time interval at which a company is audited.

In the meantime, the tax office has an additional classification according to risk classes, which, however, are not listed in the tax audit regulations and are therefore unknown to taxpayers. You can therefore never say exactly when an audit order will land in your letterbox.

Unfortunately, the duration of a tax audit cannot be predicted either. The tax audit regulations literally state that the duration is to be limited to the necessary extent of the audit. However, this measure is basically at the discretion of the respective tax auditor. An audit can last only a few days or even several years. The quality of the bookkeeping and the scope of the documents audited are decisive factors. The better the required documentation is prepared, the shorter the duration of the audit.

Any questions? We, as your tax consultancy, will not leave you out in the cold: Whether you have questions about the duration of the tax audit, the tax audit regulations, annual financial statements or your tax return, we will answer them with our expertise!

We offer our tax advice with a national focus nationwide from our offices in Frankfurt am Main and Lampertheim.

Contact our tax consultants in Frankfurt, Lampertheim or Berlin, we will be happy to help you!



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