International tax consulting

Tax consulting in Luxembourg

Our company in Luxembourg KRIEGER S.à.r.l. guarantees a wide range of services with smooth processing, especially for real estate investment companies in luxembourg legal form with real estate in Germany.

Currently, there is a high need for coordination with external Luxembourg advisors.

KRIEGER provides everything from a single source as well as from an IT system with standardised interfaces to the various authorities.

Services of tax consulting in Luxembourg

Basic Services
  • Monthly turnover tax returns
  • Annual tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Publications
Special Services
  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Conducting out-of-court redress proceedings
  • Provision of director’s office
  • Setting up unregulated holding structures (“SOPARFI”), regulated investment funds, private equity companies (“SICAR”), securitisations & multi-level structures
  • Selection of the required service providers
  • Preparation of the necessary regulatory documentation and the conduct of the necessary regulatory proceedings
  • Exit advice and structuring incl. liquidations

International tax advice from KRIEGER – We accompany you across borders

Anyone who is at home in the world or does business in several countries must take into account a whole range of regulations, ordinances and laws. Due to the abundance of this whole series of rules and regulations, it is almost inevitable that mistakes will be made – mistakes which, in case of doubt, endanger the existence or call into question the economic basis of the company. Our range of international tax advisory services is coordinated by our new company based in Luxembourg. We offer broad expertise and experience in handling cross-border tax issues.

One focus of our international tax advice is on real estate investment companies in Luxembourg legal form that hold real estate in Germany. In the course of this, there is a significantly increased need for coordination with external Luxembourg advisors, as EU regulations as well as intergovernmental treaties often affect such constructions. Our international tax advice offers you a broad range of services from a single source, which guarantees a smooth processing flow and ensures interaction with various authorities on the basis of standardised interfaces through a high-performance IT- system.

Exploit synergies: Tax advice in Luxembourg

The range of activities of our tax advisors within the scope of international tax consultancy lies, on the one hand, in classical services. However, our interdisciplinary approach is complemented by a wide range of special services. We would like to give you an overview of the extent to which we can also work for you internationally.

Services of our international tax consultancy:

  • Monthly turnover tax returns
  • Annual tax returns
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Financial accounting as a basis for the correct handling of your international activities
  • Reports in the most authoritative publications
  • Reporting for the presentation of the most important economic key figures for the evaluation of the company

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