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The market demands a solution for the optimization of all the different resources and tasks that directly or indirectly influence the client service. With our Back Office Service we offer an all-round package in order to reliably relieve our clients.

Take care of the essentials - KRIEGER supports you with a powerful Back Office

The core business of a company lies in development and sales, on the respective services or products. Nevertheless, no company can do without a back office that brings all important tasks together centrally and leaves sufficient room for development for all those involved. Aspects such as accounting, data processing, the telephone exchange or risk management are inevitably relevant, but not a few entrepreneurs tend to treat this area neglectfully – as a result, a disorder, a confusion of different hierarchies and tasks is established, which reduces the efficiency of the company.

With the back office services of KRIEGER we offer you competent help exactly where we can relieve you most likely. In the following paragraphs, we will be happy to show you the specific areas of responsibility involved.

Which activities are carried out by the KRIEGER Back Office?

Anything that is not originally seen as part of the core business is commonly referred to as a back office. In practice, this means a wide variety of administrative tasks, credit risk audits, data processing or risk controlling, which enables you to manage your company according to a comprehensive database.

KRIEGER’s back office services are thus to be understood as a solution that helps you to optimise the various resources and tasks that need to be coordinated within the framework of customer service in the best sense of the word. The KRIEGER Back Office offers you an all-round package and relieves you of the workload where you would rather be busy with your core business.

Services that KRIEGER provides for you in the context of Back Office Services

To give you an overview of the areas of administration in which we can actively support you, we would like to explain the main activities of our back office to you in the following:

Back Office Services

General administrative work

  • Handling of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Correspondence with internal and external clients
  • Business correspondence
  • Preparatory bookkeeping
  • Preparation and processing of current payroll accounting
  • Dunning

Processing and preparation of domestic and foreign payment transactions

  • Payment allocation
  • Bill checking for appropriate approval
  • Master data administration
  • Budgetary control
  • Account balance control

IT System provisioning

  • Provision of a custom-built invoice approval software for approval of invoices from anywhere
  • Provision of a data room
  • Order processing software


  • Master data maintenance
  • Procurement / order processing
  • Invoicing

As you can see, KRIEGER can support you with full energy through various back office services. With us at your side you will always keep an eye on the essentials – please contact us for further information.


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