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Philosophy of the KRIEGER Group: Tax consulting in Frankfurt

The KRIEGER tax consulting, is an owner-managed law firm in Frankfurt am Main. Since its founding in October 2008, our team has pursued a cross-disciplinary consulting concept which is optimally adapted to the individual needs of its medium-sized clients. Today’s constantly reduced time frame conditions and the additionally growing complexity of the demands placed on companies require a multitude of mutually dependent competences for the optimal support of a company. As an interdisciplinary law firm in which auditors, tax advisors and lawyers work hand in hand in legally independent companies, we can provide the best possible support for our clients’ requirements through our optimised cooperation. Behind your contact person there is therefore a whole team, which as such is always stronger than the sum of its individualists and guarantees all-embracing advice. Our service portfolio covers tax and accounting services, auditing, legal advice and the entire real estate sector.

With our team of around 55 employees, including 12 experts and four partners, our tax consultants in Frankfurt, Lampertheim, Berlin and Luxembourg focus on medium-sized companies as well as private individuals. Our goal as tax advisors is to keep your back free and create time that you can invest in the development of your company. We ensure this, among other things, with our digital work processes, but also with our interdisciplinary, industry-specific knowledge.

With an interdisciplinary tax consulting in Frankfurt, our main location, your company has all the prerequisites to grow and stay healthy.

Cross-location: tax consulting in Berlin, Lampertheim and abroad

With additional locations in Berlin and Lampertheim, we offer our clients nationwide tax advice. In addition, we are active for you nationally and internationally with our tax consulting office in Luxembourg. There you can also benefit from our expertise in the areas of auditing and legal advice.

Our business relations extend from Luxembourg and Italy to Spain and England. With this service approach, we respond to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to enter foreign markets as well as to foreign clients wishing to do business in Germany. The country experience of our experts is particularly important to us, which is why the respective colleagues have already worked in the corresponding countries.

The KRIEGER tax consultants in Frankfurt, Lampertheim, Berlin and Luxembourg will be happy to help you.

Integrated Approach

With the close integration of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers, our in-house real estate experts and our back-office team, we offer our clients a customised integrated approach.

Our aim is to provide you as our client, with maximum transparency through the consolidation of data, in addition to cost and time savings.

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