KRIEGER - Auditors . Tax Advisors . Attorneys

Philosophy and team of the KRIEGER Group

Since its founding in October 2008, the KRIEGER team has been pursuing a multidisciplinary consulting concept that is optimally adapted to the individual needs of its medium-sized clients.
Due to the ever tighter time constraints and the growing complexity of the requirements placed on companies, a large number of interdependent competencies are indispensable for the optimal support of a company.
As an interdisciplinary law firm in which auditors, tax advisors and lawyers work closely together in close contact on a daily basis in their respective legally independent companies, we are able to optimally support the requirements of our clients through our optimised cooperation.

Behind a contact person who is always available for you stands an entire team, which as such is always stronger than the sum of its individualists and guarantees all-embracing advice.
It is our goal to keep your back free and thus create time that you can invest in the development of your company.
With us as your interdisciplinary core, your company has all the prerequisites to grow and stay healthy.

Integrated Approach

Due to the close integration of tax consulting, auditing and legal services as well as our in-house real estate experts and back-office team, we offer our clients a tailor-made, integrated approach.