Property Management

Philosophy of KRIEGER Property Management

Professionalism, transparency and reliability are the guiding principles of our business activities. The implementation and adherence to these guiding principles make a significant contribution to permanently strengthening the trust of customers, employees and other interest groups in the company and are of great importance for the success of the company.

Responsible corporate management aimed at creating value is of great importance to KRIEGER Immobilienmanagement. As a result, we are committed to the Code of Corporate Governance Initiative of the German Real Estate Industry:

“Uncompromising compliance with the law, the binding nature of professional standards and orientation towards ethical values are the cornerstones of a professional culture in the entire value chain of the real estate industry. The sustainable business success and the good reputation of the industry are based on this…”

Extract from the principles of the Corporate Governance Initiative of the German Real Estate Industry.

Asset Management

Our core activities in asset management

In our active asset management, we see ourselves as an extension of the portfolio owner’s wishes – managing or reconfiguring the property assets from an investment or capital investment perspective in accordance with the client’s strategic orientation …

Property Management

Property management and our core activities

In the face of constantly rising ancillary costs, investors are focusing ever more keenly on professional, yield-optimising property management. Identifying cost savings and potential efficiency increases, choosing the right service providers that suit the property and its tenants, maintaining accurate and transparent bookkeeping that results in correct calculation of operating costs – these are the core activities of the property management that we pursue …

Corporate Real Estate

Corporate real estate management creates added value

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) refers to a success- and value-oriented management concept for operational property management in ‘non-property companies’. Proceeding from the company’s strategic objective setting, its core is comprised of the systematic planning, management and control of all property-related corporate activities, with the aim of contributing to the company’s sustainable competitive ability …

Property Investment

Sale and purchase of properties in commercial use

KRIEGER Property Management also undertakes the sale and purchase of properties on behalf of its customers. A network of investors and property developers, plus direct contacts to institutional investors, provide the necessary conditions for achieving maximum value creation in such transactions …


Value creation – from strategy to sale

Professional property management is an important interface between the real estate and financial sectors and is increasingly in demand on the market …


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