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KIMS 4.0

Most tax consultancies are working on increasing the quality and speed of their services by digitising their work.

In practice, however, the scope of the changeover is still very limited.

This is because the processes in the various sectors are extremely complex.

Alexander Krieger

Geschäftsführer – Diplom-Kaufmann | Wirtschaftsprüfer | Steuerberater
/ Managing Director | Chartered Accountant | Tax Consultant

+49 (69) 2972388-0

KRIEGER is a pioneer in the field of digitalisation and has drawn the strategic conclusion

  • to automate the uniform internal processes as far as possible through the use of modern, individually standardised technology and
  • linking and automating as far as possible the firm’s processes that are necessary for the focus of our advisory services in the property business, which is particularly important to us, with those of our clients. The result is an integrated, digitalised process.

Every property investor is faced with the challenge of combining two areas with different tasks: property management and accounting. Both follow a logical technical approach. However, the interaction between the two areas is an operational challenge.

Thanks to our in-house developed system “KIMS” or “KRIEGER Immobilien Management System 4.0“, we are not only able to structure a highly efficient co-operation with our clients in a short period of time in close coordination with them. We also help our clients to organise their own processes in such a way that the areas of property management and accounting are optimally interlinked.
KRIEGER integrates itself into the client’s value creation.

The benefits of the KRIEGER Property Management System 4.0 KIMS for our clients:

– The economic potential of digitalisation for the property business is fully exploited.
– Increased accuracy and speed of advice.
– Increased overview and efficiency through the optimisation of our own processes.
– Tax risks are recognised and avoided more quickly.
– Tax opportunities are identified and utilised earlier.

In short: KIMS acts like an internal accelerator for our clients.

“KIMS” means that KRIEGER is unique in the field of property management. Because only we have developed such a procedure and refined it into a customised instrument for mass business.

“The acceptance among our clients is very good.”



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