Credit- and Real Estate Restructuring

Legal, tax and real estate advice for real estate financings

The economic crisis and the bursting of the real estate bubble in the USA in 2007/2008 have shown that it is becoming increasingly important to deal proactively and in good time with non-performing loan commitments and their restructuring.

At skyBricks, we have therefore made loan restructuring and reorganisation our business.

Services of skyBricks

  • Structural consulting
  • Corporate accounting/VAT
  • Annual accounts/StE
  • Reporting
  • Data room
  • Liquidation
  • IFRS financial statements in Germany and Luxembourg
  • Legal advice
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Auditing

The current situation is also a challenge for the entire economy. The economic slump caused by the pandemic means that many borrowers can no longer meet their loan obligations. This is where skyBricks can support you.

skyBricks consists of four highly specialised companies that have joined forces to form a platform. With our know-how, our integrated approach and the interdisciplinary cooperation from different professional disciplines, we help to work out an optimal solution for your real estate and loan restructuring for all parties involved. As a result of our successful cooperation to date, you as a client benefit from our extensive, practical wealth of experience.

In doing so, we strive to find tailor-made solutions for your particular situation: whether the loan to value is no longer correct, the covenant breach becomes apparent or the refinancing threatens to fail.

Our range of services comprises the following components:

  • Legal advice
  • In operational real estate management, we assist you with property management and take care of your property accounting, dunning and operating cost accounting. Within the framework of our asset management, we also advise you on letting or selling. Together with you, we identify and exploit potential for added value. In this context, you receive regular reporting from us, which provides you with complete transparency.

  • Tax consultancy and auditing
  • With this part of our service portfolio, we offer you building blocks for your corporate accounting, your annual financial statements and the associated reporting. We take care of your tax optimisation and provide you with a cloud-based data room for data exchange with us.

  • Real estate and credit management
  • Our real estate and credit industry services relate to stabilising and increasing the value of your real estate. We advise you on strategic positioning and the restructuring of non-performing loans. We have expertise in real estate, finance and business management and think across disciplines. Our loan workout includes, among other things, re-purposing, extending, deferring, renewing or re-writing a loan. In addition, we accompany you in the sale of your loan receivables or help you with follow-up financing.

The interplay of these four areas means that by analysing your initial situation, we can derive a recommendation for action that is individually tailored to you. This results in proactive case management on our part, with extended approaches to action through our specialist know-how.

The result of our work is the realisation of the best possible outcome for you.

We provide you with comprehensive advice: loan and real estate restructuring, loan restructuring as well as corporate accounting and annual financial statements

In addition to our structural advice and the components already mentioned above, we help you to fulfil your obligations as an entrepreneur – whether it is corporate accounting or the preparation of annual financial statements.

As a digital platform, we enable our clients to work flexibly and digitally by using our data room.

Do you need help with a loan and real estate restructuring or a credit reorganisation? Contact us and we will work with you to develop comprehensive courses of action and solutions.


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