Spanish Desk

Consulting in Spanish-German business relations

Thanks to the modern commercial aviation the distance between the Spanish mainland and Germany is less than 3 hours flying time. And yet in some regards both countries are worlds apart – both in view of mentality of the business partners as well as in view of legal framework conditions.

In our Spanish Desk with its custom advisory approaches for small and middle-sized businesses from Spain we have condensed our longstanding experience with our Spanish clients.
We support our Spanish speaking clients at their cross-border activities both at developing commercial activities in Germany as well as maintaining their existing presence/activities in Germany (inbound consulting).

Christian Anheuser is an experienced auditor and tax advisor who has lived and worked for some time in Spain. He is available to our Spanish speaking clients as a contact person. He regularly commutes between Spain and Germany and therefore is always available in Spain as well.

His familiarity with both business cultures and theoften underestimated differences in mentality enables us to overcome the language barrier, to impart the subject matter accessibly and to contribute to goal-oriented decisions.

We are a well-coordinated team and have Spanish speaking contact persons. We provide our clients with a 24/7 access to their data by a virtual data room.

We consult our clients reliably and sustainably at any time in their activities in Germany so that they can focus on their core competences. That is how we back you up in developing your business.

Spanish Desk Services

Establishment Phase

  • Opening of representative office or a subsidiary
  • Establishment of a subsidiary company (consulting in regard to the choice of legal form by our lawyers and tax advisors)
  • Registration at the local authorities (Gestoria)
  • Provision of a firm address
  • Finding a location (via cooperation partners)
  • Consulting at personnel deployment / employment contracts
  • Translations (cooperation partners)

Running / active business in Germany

  • Support at operating business activities
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Complete or partial take-over of the back office functions (outsourcing) in the fields of financial and payroll accounting and personnel department
  • Provision and support of ERP system
  • Annual reports and tax returns
  • Reporting to the Spanish main company (Spanish GAAP)
  • Transaction support (tax, legal, financial DD)
  • Mediation between German subsidiary and Spanish parent company

Liquidation Phase

  • Support at liquidation of the business activities by our liquidation specialists from our legal and tax department


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